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The View from Kim Jong Un’s Bunker: How North Korea Sees the World

North Korea has dominated headlines and sparked widespread concern across the international community with its recent thermonuclear test and spate of missile launches. However, little is known about how Kim Jong Un perceives the regional and international environment he operates in. To pull back the curtain of mystery that shrouds Kim Jong Un’s calculations, behavior, and worldview, the Asia Society Policy Institute is pleased to host Ri Jong Ho, a former member of the North Korean elite.

Can’t make it to this program? Tune in October 16, at 6:30 p.m. New York time for a free live video webcast.
Mr. Ri will discuss key elements of North Korea’s contemporary international relations: generational differences between Kim Jong Un and his father and grandfather’s approaches to foreign policy; North Korea’s critical, but deteriorating relationship with China; Kim Jong Un’s view of South Korean politics; Pyongyang’s attitudes and goals towards the United States; and North Korea’s relations with other key regional actors such as Japan and Russia.

Do not miss this rare opportunity to hear an insider’s perspective on the North Korean regime and its international worldview.

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