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The Miracle of Mindful Meditation

Meditation is growing to be a more popular and embraced practice among individuals from
different backgrounds. Extensive scientific research on the practice have led to conclusions of many positive health-related benefits. Studies show that meditation is beneficial in combatting stress, high blood pressure, heart disease and used as a means to enhance mental capabilities such as abstract thinking, memory and creativity. With this on-going positive light, today the art and practice of mindfulness has not only seen a tremendous increase in its following, but also embodies a subculture in itself, becoming a billion-dollar industry and being seen as a tool for efficiency and success in the workplace.

Join us for an insightful discussion between Dr. Thupten Jinpa and Dan Harris on the importance of meditation and its effects on modern life and overall mindfulness. Why are more people
starting to practice meditation? How exactly is it beneficial to one’s overall well-being?

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