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The Life of a Professional Glutton: A Conversation between Adam Platt and Nick Platt
Since the year 2000, Adam Platt has been one of the most influential, revered names in food. As restaurant critic for New York magazine, he’s spent the last nearly two decades popping up around town (and the globe) in his oversized black blazer under various absurd pseudonyms, marking new trends, assessing the efforts of famous and unknown chefs alike, and generally guiding the wallet-wielding diners of New York to their next great meal. In the course of this work, he’s picked up the James Beard Foundation Journalism Award for Restaurant Reviews, an assortment of friends and enemies, and a few extra inches around the waist. But where did Adam Platt come from and how did he land “the best job of the twentieth century”?  Join us for a conversation with Ambassador Nick Platt and Adam Platt.

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