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Ssitkimkut: The Korean Shaman Ritual of the Dead
Ssitkimkut is the extraordinary Korean ritual for the dead that cleanses the dead spirit, assisting it on its way to the next life. The ritual is layered with striking features creating an art that combines singing, dancing, instrumental and theatrical performance. The experience of Ssitkimkut offers an uplifting spiritual transformation that comforts the living when the deceased soul is liberated on its journey in the afterlife. As such, the ritual is full of poignant moments that express sadness and joy, as well as humor that is part of the human condition. This is the second time that The Asia Society has brought such a cultural treasure for an American audience, featuring Park Miouk, a professional Korean shaman, daughter of the legendary Ssitkimkut master, the late Park Byung-Chun.

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