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Seoul Music: Korean Sanjo meets New York Jazz
Seoul Music: Korean Sanjo Meets New York Jazz features some of the most outstanding Korean performers together with outstanding Grammy award-winning jazz artists: Lee Tae-Baek (ajaeng), Yi Jiyoung (gayageum), Kim Sung-Ah (haegeum), Gamin (piri), Sita Chay (violin), Frank London (trumpet) and Ned Rothenberg (saxophone). Sanjo is great Korean music with its origin in the music of the Korean indigenous shaman culture and pansori (epic story-telling sung drama) tradition—filled with Korean spirit and sentiment.  An improvised multi-movement solo genre, the soloist interacts with the rhythmic accompaniment of the janggo (double-headed drum). In this festival sanjo shares the international stage with the American jazz and blues tradition, as well as klezmer music. This is a unique opportunity to hear musical traditions that continue to evolve in their response to the changes in contemporary culture.

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