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Renovating Democracy
The rise of populism in the West and the rise of China in the East have stirred a rethinking of how democratic systems work—and how they fail. Renovating Democracy tears down our basic structures and challenges us to conceive of an alternative framework for governance. The authors discuss that the visions of the future and institutional arrangements must be renovated. To truly improve our global systems, empowering participation without populism by integrating social networks and direct democracy into the system are needed. It is also argued that harnessing globalization through “positive nationalism” at home, while advocating for global cooperation—specifically with a partnership with China—to create a viable rules-based world in which everyone has a place, is vital. Join us for a special conversation between, President and CEO of Asia Society, Josette Sheeran and the authors of Renovating Democracy, Nicolas Berggruen and Nathan Gardels.

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