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Preview and Discussion: Voyage to the East

A preview and discussion of the new opera, Voyage to the East, starring Tian Hao Jiang.

One of the most exciting operas to come from China this year, Voyage to the East is the story of Jianzhen, the monk credited with spreading Buddhism to Japan during the Tang dynasty. His journey brought him face to face with cannibals, pirates, and feudal warlords. By the time he succeeded in reaching Japan, he had lost his eyesight, but is credited not just with the spread of Buddhism, but also sharing cultural achievements of the Tang Dynasty which laid the groundwork for exchange between China and Japan.

The opera's unique score is mesmeric, infusing modern opera with the original sound of the Japanese koto, the Chinese guzheng and zither, temple blocks and Buddhist chants.

This special preview ahead of the Lincoln Center production will include live musical excerpts and conversation.

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