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Licao Shu Wellness Calligraphy & Yoga Workshop

Explore the connection between mind, body, and spirit through Licao Shu Wellness Calligraphy and Yoga. Exclusively at Asia Society for eight weeks, world-renowned Master ZHOU Bin will take you on a journey that integrates yoga and meditation with the power of the written script “Licao Shu calligraphy”.

Artfully designed by Master ZHOU Bin, you will participate in this interactive, mindfulness workshop that lowers stress, promotes healing, and enhances your spiritual connection.

During each workshop, Master ZHOU Bin will focus on a core Chinese element centered on mindfulness and Eastern philosophy. You will gain a deeper understanding of each element, how they connect with wellness and mediation, and physically express these elements through the power of the written word in Licao Shu calligraphy and the power of physical expression in yoga.

Through the practice of ancient Chinese calligraphy, students will physically express these elements through brush, ink, and paper. They will then embody the meaning of each element through guided meditation. Finally, students will physically express these Chinese character elements through yoga poses that connect the power of the written “form” and “spirit” through the body.

Through the integration of these three elements, you will gain a deeper spiritual connection between your mind, physical body, and your environment. You will unlock ancient “secrets” to wellness and mediation that are steeped in ancient Eastern traditions; thus, aiding you in an effective form of healing and alignment of positive energy for the body and mind.

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