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Postponed: Leadership in Turbulent Times
In his new book, The PM Years, Rudd recounts his early triumphs and challenges in the business of government.  The book deals with Rudd’s relationship with the Bush and Obama Administrations during the Global Financial Crisis, a challenging relationship with China, as well as his global activism on climate change.  A controversial figure in Australian domestic politics, Mr. Rudd began his prime ministership by delivering a national apology to Aboriginal Australians, as well as initiating a range of far reaching reforms in Australian health and education policy.  He also introduced Australia’s first paid parental leave scheme.  But beyond the policy challenges he tackled, Rudd takes us into cabinet, the prime minister’s office and the back-corridor conversations that reshaped the country.   
After years of silence, in this second volume of his autobiography, the 26th prime minister of Australia and the current President of the Asia Society Policy Institute finally goes on the record about his time in government. At this launch of his book in the United States, Rudd will share the story of his ups and downs in office. Ian Bremmer, President of the Eurasia Group and Distinguished Fellow at the Asia Society Policy Institute, will chair the conversation.

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