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Iran and the U.S.: What Next?

On the campaign trail, Donald Trump repeatedly denounced the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action — the “Iran Deal” to dismantle that country’s nuclear program — and said he would withdraw from the agreement. Just days after the inauguration, Iran conducted missile tests, drawing a warning from President Trump that Iran “was playing with fire.” Relations between the two countries have remained contentious, and the escalation and potential for conflict are causes for concern. Against this backdrop, Iran holds its presidential elections on May 19. President Hassan Rouhani and the reformists in Iran won the 2013 vote on a promise to improve Iran’s economy and integrate more broadly with the global economy — aligning with the aspirations of Iran’s restive and politically active young population. Further complicating matters, the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is expected to step down in the near future, and there is much speculation about his successor and its implications.

Join us for a high-level discussion on the rapid changes and high stakes in the Iran-U.S. relationship, and the challenges that lie ahead.



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