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Crisis on the Peninsula: Implications for the U.S. - Korea Alliance

Soon after taking office, President Donald Trump reassured the Republic of Korea of the “ironclad commitment” of the U.S. to the alliance in the face of North Korean threats and provocations. Previous comments made by Mr. Trump—both on the campaign trail and after—had called into question core principles of the alliance, from long-standing U.S. military commitments to the support of regional free-trade agreements. President Trump’s reaffirmation of the decades-long friendship provided a measure of stability during a period of repeated threats from North Korea, and domestic political turmoil in the South. On May 9, 2017 Korea will elect a new President and begin a discussion on possible changes to foreign policy that may be at odds with the U.S. Meanwhile North Korea appears on the brink of a profoundly upgraded missile capacity and the Trump administration has sent a US Navy strike group into nearby waters.

Join us for a special breakfast program featuring opening remarks by former South Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs Ro-Myung Gong, followed by a panel discussion with Chung-in Moon, and Sue Mi Terry. What does the future hold for the U.S.-Korea alliance, the Korean Peninsula and the security of Northeast Asia?

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