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Beauty, Wellness, and the Best of East and West

It is no secret that for centuries Asians have used herbs, food and fermentation as medicine to ignite wellness and beauty in the body from the inside out.   Asian Americans drawing on their Asian heritage are bringing food and wellness drinks to Americans in a way that combines the best of east and west.  They are covering a wider spectrum of ancient medicine by incorporating Korean fermented foods, Indian Ayuveda, Chinese herbs and European homeopathy in a new way, and creating inviting hip tonic cafes and bars to recharge your energy and health by eating and drinking the Asian way.  How do you feel today?  Asian Americans can mix the right drink for you!  Want to look great?  Asian Americans will show you a skin care routine to make you look your best!
*This program will feature the National Premier of PBS Lucky Chow episode on Wellness

Danielle Chang (moderator) Founder of Lucky Rice and host of PBS Asian American food documentary, Lucky Chow
Stanley George, Founder Stanley’s Pharmacy and Wellness Bar
Charlotte Cho, Founder of Soko Glam
Sophia Tsao from Po Wing

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