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Asian Americans and Higher Education: An End to Affirmative Action?
As the main focus of the lawsuit brought against Harvard, Asian Americans and affirmative action have once again become a point of contention in contemporary political debate, and no less among the Asian-American community.  A grass roots Asian American conservative movement has emerged and joined forces with Edward Blum in attempt to end Affirmative Action, asserting that discrimination in the name of diversity is wrong. Asian American liberals believe that conservative Asian Americans are being used as cover to abolish affirmative action, and fear a defeat of Affirmative Action  means a loss for diversity in all of higher education. Join us for a discussion moderated by Board member of the Asian American Bar Association and the Asian American Federation, Chris Kwok about the current and future state of affirmative action.
Hua Hsu Associate Professor at Vassar College and Staff Writer for The New Yorker
Chris M. Kwok (moderator) serves as the Co-Chair of the Issues Committee and Asia Practice Committee for the Asian American Bar Association of New York
Dr. Nicole Gon Ouchi is the supervising attorney at Advancing Justice-LA’s Impact Litigation unit
Jack Ouyang, Vice President, Operations, Asian American Coalition for Education

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