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After TPP: Asia and the Pacific Alliance

Rising protectionism and economic nationalism have not held Asia back from pursing a more free and open markets. The signing of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) on March 8th this year by trade ministers from 11 Pacific Rim countries, represented a major step in bringing trade tariffs between member countries down and strengthening trade among countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

CPTTP member and non-members states, like Singapore and South Korea, are now adjusting their strategic approaches to trade agreements. Both these non-member state countries are now considering becoming associate members of the Pacific Alliance (Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru). What is the impact of CPTPP on the trade strategies of Asian and Latin American countries?  How do the open and dynamic Asian markets fit within the Pacific Alliance? What benefits will both sides receive from a closer relationship? What does this mean for the United States going forward?

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