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2019 US-China Investment Forum

Co-organized by Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation and Asia Society in New York, the 2019 China-US Cultural Investment Forum will be held on October 17, 2019 at Asia Society in New York.

As the incubator for China-US innovative cooperation, the annual China-US Cultural Investment Forum is the highest-end exchange event for the cultural investment industry of China and the United States. This exclusive conference is also the key program of the “Creative China Festival” and an important platform for international cultural cooperations.

Through speeches, panel discussions, live-webcasts, and VIP visits, the forum will engage deep-level collaboration from perspectives of Chinese and American key leaders, cultural and creative industries, professional institutions, and leading talents. Almost 15 Chinese and American guests from fields of government, finance, investment, culture and creativity, academia, education, think tank, and foundation will discuss several key topics:

• Cultural investment and social innovation;
• Culture and technology;
• International collaboration of talents.

Cultural investment has had strategic significance in the long-term cooperation between Chinese and American cultures, and has played a leading role in China's rapid economic and social development in the past decade. With its professional experience, mass integration and interaction with the technology industry, the China-US Cultural Investment Forum seeks to unlock greater effective thinking for international industry leaders.

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